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Hotel and Casino Rewards

There are many California casinos for visitors to choose from during their visit to the Golden State. The highly-regarded California casinos are located in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Sacramento, and Las Vegas. The more popular California casinos are located in Santa Barbara, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Oxnard, and Pacific Palisades. In order to obtain a listing of all California casinos, one must do a comprehensive search on the Internet.


WINTER OF LOVE. The Pechanga Resort & Casino features the largest non-stop casino floor in California, totaling 185,000 square feet. The casino also features over five,000 slot machines, eighteen table games, a non-alcoholic poker room with fifty tables, and a modern, 7-game high-speed bingo center. The winnings at the Pechanga Resort are in part sponsored by the California Gaming Commission, who offers four-to-five-hour slots for jackpot winners and tournament play.

LOAN RESTABLISH. While at the Pechanga Resort & Casino you will be able to enjoy non-alcoholic beverages in addition to a free beverage upon signing a guest registration sheet provided at the resort’s entrance. Included in the non-alcoholic beverages are Vitamin Water, Bacchus, Peppermint Wheel Wrapped Light & Dark Rum, White Rum, Bacchus, Caramel Apple and Cranberry Premium Rum, Bacchus, Caramel Apple, Feta, and Carrot Ginger.

JIGgery TIGGER. While playing at the Pechanga Resort & Casino, guests are allowed to drink non-alcoholic beverages only. The casino’s bars feature three table games: Slots, Blackjack, and Video Poker. At each table the game is adjusted to suit the player’s level of ability. When winning game players may wager up to ten times on any one table, but may only wager up to five times on any other table.

TALLY SWEEP. There are thirteen numbered slot machines in the game; players must time their spins at each machine and place a bet before they stop playing. The first player to win three games in a row is deemed the winner, but all others in the sequence need to beat three other players in a row to claim victory. This is the only casino game in Southern California that allows winners to cash in their winnings and walk away with a trip to Las Vegas.

GIVING PLEDGE. At the conclusion of each table, all winning players must give a donation of as much as ten percent of their winnings to one of three charities. The chosen charity is given its winnings in full; no deductions for paying taxes, fees, or commissions are taken. Any money left over goes back into the pot.

COAT MATCH. In a regular casino game guests play one of the slots or one of the chairs in a jukebox, and if they win they walk away with a complimentary coat hanger. At the Belmont Casino this is called the “jukebox treatment” and it’s offered to guests who beat the odds and win a jackpot. It’s not a common practice, so if you’re staying at the Belmont casino be sure to check out the jukebox treatment before your next visit.

WINNERS. All winning players are featured on the casino website and are listed by win amount, appearance, how many bets they won, or a combination of any of those things. To receive your winnings simply log on and choose the game you played and choose” Rewards,” then “Submit.” You’ll then be emailed your winnings confirmation page. Remember to keep good records of all of your online bank transactions, because you’ll need them later when filing out your taxes with the Internal Revenue Service.

GIFTS. At most casinos, if a guest wins a game, they may receive an “entertainment gift” in the form of a CD, DVD, or other type of media. If you stay at a casino hotel and treat yourself to dinner after you play a game, you may even get a day of free use of the casino’s gym, sauna, pool, or casino club.

EXECUTIVE BENEFITS. A number of casinos offer their top customers winnings on executive suites. If you’re staying at a high-end casino resort and you win a game, you might be eligible for the “Exclusive Use of the Club’s Gym,” Admission to the Club’s Party Room,” or any other executive gift or award that the casino has to offer its winners. Keep in mind though, that these tend to be the top executives or customers of the casino, and the “winners” don’t usually get second chances at this kind of thing.

WINNER’S WARD. Most casinos have a special place set up as the winner’s circle. Here, if a player has won a game, they’ll find their name displayed in lights and banners at the far right of the circle. This is often a way for the hotel to thank them for coming to the casino and winning the jackpot. Some hotels even put a picture of the winning player or gamblers on the hotel walls and banners. Either way, the winner’s circle is a great way for guests to recognize one another and congratulate each other on their winnings at the casino.